Server Core Update POL100 2018-01-21

— POL100 —

01-21-2019 Nando: Changed: account.split() will now return an AccountRef to the new account instead of “true”.

01-17-2019 Kevin: Fixed: Vendor purchases could overflow

01-01-2019 Turley: Changed: DepletedFunction hook now receives a second parameter: reason The values are: 0: Regenerate, 1: Damage, 2: Movement, 3: Death, 4: Resurrect, 5: Script

12-30-2018 Turley: Added: vitals.cfg optional entry DepletedFunction gets called once the vital reaches 0. Given Argument is character reference Like the other entries the syntax is ScriptName:ExportedFunctionName

12-21-2018 Turley: Fixed: CPU usage of UseSingleThreadLogin

– Phoenix